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About Kirkenes

About Kirkenes

Why Visit Kirkenes in Norway

The small like from a fairy-tale town of Kirkenes is located almost on the very tip of northern Norway, close to the Russian and Finnish border. Despite the small number of citizens (just 4000 people are living there) this is one of the most charming places in Norway.

It offers so many opportunities to make your Norway vacation unique, unforgettable, active, and interesting that you would spend hours choosing the best ones for your Kirkenes itinerary. We are happy to share with you our recommendations!

Kirkenes is proud of its perfect location close to the magnificent Varanger fjord and is one of the best places on the planet to observe the unique natural phenomenon, Aurora Borealis (or the Northern Lights). Usually, Norway aurora borealis tours are available from November to March, as during this period, the chances to see the unique light dance are the highest.

To extend your trip and experience some more local activities you can take a dog-sledding tour, go ice fishing, join a crab safari or even choose one of the Norway fjord kayak tours, which allow to look at the city and country from a completely different perspective.

Undoubtedly, the main highlight of Kirkenes is its famous and exclusive accommodation - the Snowhotel. The renown complex is literally built from snow and is rebuilt again every year. The time when you can stay there is between December and April.

If you are keen on history, this small town has something to surprise you with, as during the Second World War it was one of the locations for the German Kriegsmarine and served as the most important base for supplies to the Murmansk front.

Must-do's on Kirkenes Norway Tours

  • Take part in the exciting winter activities
  • Stay at the unique Snowhotel and feel the real winter
  • Observe the natural phenomenon of Northern Lights
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