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Compare Tours to Norway


Norway is undoubtedly an amazing destination and there are so many ways of exploring it! Below we review the most popular modes of travel to help you understand what suits you best so that you may ultimately have a joyful experience among the stunning beauty of Norwegian fjords. Traveling abroad is something that involves a lot of long tiresome planning and sometimes is not that easy to arrange on a quality level if traveling independently. To those who appreciate quality and value their time, there are several options that we recommend to consider while planning your Norway vacation. If you have some specific itinerary in mind, want to have only your party on the trip and expect the best quality you can get, a private tour of Norway is a perfect option for you, as you can assemble a perfectly planned itinerary to include the country's major highlights around your preferences. Review the table below and see whether you prefer to arrange the trip yourself or have a private tailor-made tour of Norway professionally designed for you.



Private Tailor-made Tour

Self-guided Tour

Overall quality

Excellent Good


Custom Custom

Group size

Your party Your party


Custom, destination specialist provides professional advice and sets up a program, everything is taken care of Self-arranged


4 or 5-star best location and value hotels at our special rates Self-arranged


1st class / picturesque / trains / ferries / flights/ private drivers Self-arranged


Top-notch professional guides / verified and longterm partners Self-arranged

Travel dates

Flexible Flexible

Price category

$$+ $


Yes, Friends trip (4+ travelers), early bird discounts No

Emergency support

Yes No