What to See in Oslo


Looking for the best city to start your Norwegian adventure from? The capital of Norway, gorgeous Oslo is, indeed, the right choice. Oslo is one of the most visited cities in entire Scandinavia, as it's well-balanced with historic highlights, impressive art places, and a particular pulse, typical of big cities. It makes for a perfect starting point for exploring the Norwegian fjords, not to mention its opportunities for outdoor recreation. To help you to choose from the endless number of interesting things to see and to do in the city, we've chosen the best attractions. Choose yours and enjoy your stay in Oslo!

1. Oslo Frogner Park
Oslo Frogrer Park

Also known as the Vigeland Park, this Oslo attraction is among the top places to see during your trip. It has more than 200 sculptures made out of different materials and configurations. They are pretty provoking but definitely impressive! The Frogner Park also has a cafe and restaurant, and your kids can play on the biggest playground in Norway, located close to the main center. Resuming, by adding this park to your Oslo vacation itinerary you get one more unforgettable experience in the capital of Norway!

2. Oslo Viking Ship Museum
Oslo Viking Ship Museum

Scandinavian history is rich and impressive, all the citizens are proud of its facts and are happy to share the most interesting ones with you about the Vikings epoch. To dive into Viking's lifestyle and to learn more about their culture and traditions leave, a bit free time in your Norway sightseeing plans for the famous Oslo Viking Ship Museum. There you can see real Viking ships, sleds, some houseware, and other tools Vikings used every day. See the real Viking's life with your own eyes!

3. The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace

One of the most significant Oslo landmarks is the Royal Palace. This is not only the symbol of Norwegian nationhood but also the place where the Queen and King live. Here are held audiences and official dinners and most of the Royal Court are working from here. Take a tour of the Royal Palace and see the most interesting and significant rooms such as the Cabinet Cloakroom, the Council Chamber, the Family Dining Room. Please, note that it is possible to visit the Royal Palace only during summer.

4. Akershus Fortress
Akershus Fortress

The Akershus Fortress was built in the 14th century and became the most important building in Norway. Initially, it was served for military issues and functioned as a fortress. Later on, it was transformed into a castle. The Akershus Fortress today is one of the most impressive museums that can make your Oslo travel unforgettable. There you can see the Royal Mausoleum, a couple of banquet halls, and even a tiny church.

5. Oslo City Hall
Oslo City Hall

The Oslo City Hall is maybe one of the most "never-assuming" buildings in Oslo. Looking pretty repulsive and dark from the outside, it's absolutely stunning with colorful murals decoration, light halls, and fancy design inside. Despite the fact, the main function of the City Hall is exactly the administration, its unique corridors can attract you just as some famous art galleries would! Be sure to include it on your Oslo itinerary, and have a nice tour with the free entrance being an advantage!

6. Norwegian Museum of Cultural History - Norsk Folkemuseum
Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

The Norsk Folkemuseum represents the daily life of people from the 16th century and is one of the largest and oldest museums of cultural history in the world! There are more than 150 buildings that show different regions in Norway and their traditions. During the tour, you can see an extraordinary collection of folk costumes, artifacts, and handicraft items. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is a perfect day-trip opportunity from Oslo and will be a very interesting and useful experience to spice up your Norwegian trip.