Why Travel to Norway


Being an ultimate highlight of Scandinavia which boasts simply extraterrestrial vistas, unparalleled natural beauty, rich culture, and delicious cuisine, Norway is a destination to be visited at least once in your life. The fjords can steal your heart, whereas the Viking heritage, gorgeous unique towns, and top-notch museums will surely keep you busy exploring! And what's for natural wonders, did you know that Norway is one of the top places on the planet for chasing the northern lights? The summertime is no less impressive as this time of year is perfect for viewing the midnight sun!

So why is it worth going to Norway?

Despite having a reputation of an eternally frigid country, Norway definitely deserves a spot on your vacation calendar regardless of the time of year you plan to go. And if you're still not convinced at this point whether you should plan to go to Norway or not, we bring you a list of 5 reasons why you won't regret taking the journey.

1. Enjoying a Norway Fjords Trip
Going on a Norway Fjords Trip

Seeing the natural beauty of the incomparable Norwegian fjords with your own eyes should surely be something placed high up on every globetrotter's bucket list. The rigid mountainous landscapes are equally beautiful at any month or season and offer breathtaking vistas when seen from land and from water. As such, going on a Sognefjord tour or viewing the Geirangerfjord will easily become a highlight!

2. Going Hiking in Norway
Going Hiking in Norway

Being one of the most naturally beautiful destinations in Europe, it's no surprise that outdoor leisure is highly popular in Norway. As such, Norway fjord hiking tours have become a hallmark activity for those who are ready for long walks. As such, you can reach unbelievable places in Norway like the Troll's Tongue and Pulpit Rock! What is more, kayaking, fishing, and skiing are among other engaging pastimes out in the fresh air.

3. Riding Along the Scenic Flamsbana
Riding Along the Scenic Flamsbana Railway

An unmissable experience during an Oslo-Flam-Bergen tour is a ride along one of the world's most breathtaking railways, the Flamsbana. The train traveling on the steep route from Myrdal to Flam that's as little as 20 kilometers (13 miles) long slowly makes its way past gorgeous Norwegian small villages, waterfalls, mountains, and tunnels, opening simply remarkable views. Without all doubts, such tours of Norway by train have topped all the charts!

4. Northern Lights in Norway & Winter Magic
Northern Lights in Norway & Winter Magic

Those who crave some winter fun should surely consider visiting Norway from November to February. This is the best time when to see Northern lights in Norway, by the way! Apart from the colors dancing in the sky in the country's north, you can opt for exciting winter activities. A great Norway Northern Lights package holiday usually offers snowmobile rides, going sledding, meeting huskies, as well as choosing to stay at really unusual accommodation options (for example in Ice or Snow Hotels).

5. Tasting Nordic Cuisine
Tasting Nordic Cuisine

No trip to a foreign country can be considered complete if you don't try the local food. While in Norway, don't miss the opportunity to sample the best Norwegian dishes, and trust us, there are many recipes in stock to surprise you with! You can even set off on entire Oslo food tours! As such stews from mutton and different game, including moose and duck, will certainly thunderbolt your taste buds, and whats for seafood, make sure to taste herring and the specialty dish made of cod (that's called lutefisk).