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About Svalbard

About Svalbard

Why Travel to Svalbard

It's difficult to find a better place than Svalbard to meet the wild nature and explore hidden places in Norway. Located between the mainland and the North Pole, Svalbard is one of the most famous points for travelers all over the world for Northern Norway tours. The largest islands in the area are Spitsbergen, Nordaustlandet, and Edgeoya.

Often called the land of frozen fjords, Svalbard boasts sparkling glaciers and ice-cold mountains, all making for a perfect place for those who are looking for the wildlife of the Arctic. It is the best place in Norway for spotting polar bears, Arctic foxes, and a wide population of seabirds. The Svalbard community has as little as 2700 people, which, according to some last research, is less than the local population of polar bears!

During your Svalbard trip, you also have the unique chance to see the beauty of ice-crystal landscapes and to seek the Northern Lights, the particular natural phenomenon that is possible to be seen even during the day in this region.

To make your Norway winter travel fully comprehensive and cover more places around, make sure to visit the biggest city, Longyearbyen, which has a range of local places for eating and cultural exploration. Nearby you can also visit Longyearbyen, Sveagruva, Ny-Alesund, and Barentsburg, which are also charming places to travel to while you're in this part of Norway.

Despite the fact that Svalbard means "cold coasts" (and this is really one of the most impressive frozen lands in Norway), you can warm up with the charming and benevolent atmosphere, inspired by the beauty around!

Must-do's on Svalbard Norway Tours

  • Be inspired by wild nature in Svalbard
  • Try to catch the Northern Lights
  • Have a look at permafrost nature
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