Norway Travel Tips: What to Know

Bergen city in Norway

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What to Know Before Going to Norway

Preparing for a trip abroad is always exciting. And it's always best to be fully prepared as to avoid unpleasant surprises. On this page, we're happy to share everything you should take note of prior to setting off on your Norway getaway.

What Clothes to Bring for Your Norway Trip

Keep in mind that the Scandinavian climate is very changeable and it's rather hard to predict even during the summer months. While packing for your Norway holiday, don't forget to take with you a water-resistant jacket, umbrella, and, of course, some warm clothes. But don't think that Norway is a country of eternal cold. During summer, the weather can be quite warm and very pleasant (although even then occasional strong winds from the Arctic are to be expected). Another important thing to put in your suitcase is a pair (or two) of comfortable walking shoes as you'll spend quite a lot of time on walking tours, exploring the incredible country of Norway.

Tipping Etiquette in Norway

When it comes to tipping in Norway, keep in mind that it's neither required nor expected. But if you have genuinely enjoyed the provided service, you are welcome to show it by leaving a symbolic tip of no more than 10$. But for tipping in restaurants the rules are a bit different. If you have enjoyed your evening, you are welcome to express your gratitude to the staff by leaving a tip equal to a standard 5-10% of the total amount of your check. Another way of tipping in Norway restaurants is rounding up the bill.

Language Tips for Norway

Is it possible to have a conversation with a local in Scandinavia without knowing a word in Norwegian? Yes! Most Scandinavians speak perfect English and you won't have any language barriers while traveling there. However, learning some language basics will get you happy smiles of the locals.