Best Cities to Visit in Norway


Planning to visit Norway in 2021 and don't know where to start? Below you can find a guide of which towns to select for your getaway, which places to visit in Norway and learn more about them. Find out what to do in Oslo, Bergen or Tromso in summer and winter. Discover the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway. Wondering what are the most spectacular fjords and where to find them? You can learn that here too. A simple guide of Norway's major highlight cities and experiences will help you understand what to include in your private adventure plan.

1. Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway

One of the fasted-growing cities in Europe has to offer its visitors more than spaces filled with buildings. Oslo is full of greenery: gardens, parks, rivers, islands, astonishing hills, and fjords. Also, no trip to Oslo, Norway would be complete without a visit to its famous Frogner Park.

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2. Balestrand, Norway
Balestrand, Norway

Balestrand is a worthwhile journey from the typical Norwegian visit, loved by the artist from all over the world this art village and fjord town amazes all by its breathtaking nature.

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3. Bergen, Norway
Bergen, Norway

Bergen is Norway's second-largest city, but it has small-town charm, it's a perfect destination for those looking for outdoor activities, dreamy fjordside strolls, and vibrant culture. An absolute highlight on any Bergen walking tour​ is a visit to the Bryggen district. Plus, a Bergen Sognefjord tour on a boat makes for a perfect itinerary addition.

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4. Alesund, Norway
Alesund, Norway

Alesund, a city of wonderful lights, has a beautiful setting across several islands. This picturesque miniature town is perfect to just wander around and soak in the atmosphere. What is more, you surely won't regret going on an Alesund fjord tour while in town.

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5. Flam, Norway
Flam, Norway

Flam is a top destination to experience the essence of Norway's nature, witness Norway's astounding fjords, mountains, valleys and take a ride on the legendary Flamsbana Railway, one of the most famous routes of all Norway train tours.

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6. Tromso, Norway
Tromso, Norway

A bright addition to Northern Norway travel, Tromso is said to be one of the best places in the world to observe the Northern lights. This tiny island is surrounded by fjords and mountains, has rich culture and modern cuisine.

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7. Svolvaer, Norway
Svolvaer, Norway

Being one of the most often visited towns in the Lofoten archipelago, Svolvaer is a town that is easily associated with a place as if untouched by time. This typically Norwegian area is perfect for viewing traditional Nordic architecture and enjoying the fjords.

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8. Svalbard, Norway
Svalbard, Norway Gallery

Those who have the Arctic on their travel radar should certainly consider visiting Svalbard. This archipelago is located right by the North Pole, making it an exceptional destination for viewing the Northern Lights and exploring the pristine wildlife.

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9. Kirkenes, Norway
Kirkenes, Norway Gallery

Mentioning one more gem of the Norwegian far north is the town of Kirkenes. This place is another often chosen destination for viewing the Aurora lights in winter. Set not far from the border with Russia, Kirkenes is also renown for offering unique accommodation opportunities, such as its Snow Hotel.

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10. Geiranger, Norway
Geirangerfjord village, Norway

Rated as one of the most delightful villages in Norway, Geiranger is the gateway to the fascinating Geirangerfjord. This place is an unbeatable starting point to view the Seven Sisters Waterfall! Moreover, its location offers many incredible viewpoints and walking paths, including the popular Geiranger Skywalk.

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11. Voss, Norway
Voss, Norway

Who hasn't heard about one of Norway's most famous export products, Voss drinking water? As you might have guessed, the town of Voss boasts mindboggling nature, and it is also perfect for those who'd like to see the fjords, lakes and enjoy outdoor leisure, including hikes and bike rides.

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12. Ulvik, Norway
Ulvik, Norway

Crave to stop by a place less traveled in Norway? The small village of Ulvik is magnificently set among mountains and fjords and welcomes visitors to enjoy not only exciting and picturesque boat rides but also to taste its famous cider.

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