Best Time to Travel to Norway

Norway in Winter

What is the Best Time to Visit Norway?

The best time to visit Oslo, and Norway in general, is from May to the beginning of September if you want to enjoy all the cities' major landmarks and enjoy various activities, not being disturbed by the weather conditions. This time of year is perfect for those who wish to set off on fjord travel in Norway as well as to go on hikes and engage in outdoor leisure.

However, January through March would work too, especially if you are planning on traveling up north and hunting the Northern Lights. Winter Oslo is also great if you are keen on skiing as the slopes are literally a 5-minute drive from the city center. As for the other Norwegian cities, they'll offer you numerous activities for an exciting pastime. As such, going on an Aurora Borealis cruise, going dog sledding, and even spending the night at a unique property, such as a Snow Hotel, are among the popular highlights.


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