Where to Eat in Oslo


To feel the country, to get the inside look at the local culture and traditions, and taste one of the most popular and incredible dishes in the world, we've prepared the list of the most impressive places for the ultimate Oslo food experience. On this page, you can see only top-notch Michelin-rated restaurants, offering a conceptual approach to the cuisine, design, and balance of tastes. Some places specialize in meat and traditional Norwegian cuisine using the classic way to cook, others offer brave and minimalistic decisions in design and food. So different in approaches, but still made for all the foodies and people who adore the top level of food quality and service, experimental and actual taste. Choose your Michelin restaurant in Oslo and take advantage of the opportunity to taste one-of-a-kind dishes during your Norway vacation!

1. Oslo's Vaaghals Restaurant
pin Dronning Eufemias gate, 8
ic_phone +47 920 70 999


The Vaaghals Restaurant is the best place to explore brave decisions in Norwegian cuisine. We recommend you to try dry-aged meat, as this is the specialty of this place. Many of the dishes are served for sharing, and you can let your partner try something special and exclusive from the Vaaghals Restaurant, which is one of the most famous and luxurious Oslo restaurants.

2. Oslo's Arakataka Restaurant
pin Mariboes gate, 7B
ic_phone +47 23 32 83 00


Being initially a very small place, Arakataka changed its concept in 2012 and became one of the most attractive and contemporary restaurants in Oslo. Made as a bistro, you may enjoy the perfect quality of food and a unique Norwegian atmosphere.

3. Oslo's Einer Restaurant
pin Prinsens gate, 18
ic_phone +47 22 41 55 55


An absolutely unique restaurant in Oslo, the Einer, stressed the taste of the seafood, using the great balance of a modern concept and classic techniques as smoking and pickling. The wine card has great choice worth adding on to your order as to feel the rich bouquet of your dish to the fullest.

4. Oslo's Statholdergaarden Restaurant
pinRadhusgata, 11
ic_phone +47 22 41 88 00


To dive into the luxurious atmosphere, consider going to one of the most famous Oslo restaurants, the Statholdergaarden Restaurant. It's decorated with rare and gorgeous chandeliers and has stunning interiors. Here you can expect to get the top quality of the dishes, interesting food combinations with ingredients typical for Norway.

5. Maaemo Restaurant
pinSchweigaards gate, 15B
ic_phone +47 22 17 99 69


The Maaemo Restaurant is a superb and chic place for dining in Oslo. Chef Esben Holmboe focuses on the complete experience and uses only the very well-balanced combination of wild and organic ingredients, letting you explore a mix of raw nature, taste, and cultural history.